International Move Planning Services

Hollander offers a verity of services to help corporate HR personnel and relocating individuals and families plan and prepare for an international move.

Pre-Assignment Services

Hollander Storage & Moving Co Understands International Moving.

Pre-assignment planning is key to having a smooth international move. With careful dedication to detail and an array of relocation services to choose from, we offer comprehensive international moving expertise. The unique needs of each customer’s relocation are considered during the pre-assignment process, to ensure that your transition will be smoothly executed.

Assignee Services: 

Hollander, in conjunction with our worldwide partners, provides a variety of service to help the new international transferee and their family. 

Area Orientation

This service includes an initial needs evaluation, new territory familiarization tours, and welcome literature. Other services could potentially include orientations for public transportation systems, medical facilities, and shopping districts.

Country/Culture Information

Customers have access to an online database that provides essential adjustment information about their new home nation.  Cultural insights including social etiquette and business protocol, basic foreign language translations, and local news and media sources are all included.

Visa and Immigration Assistance

We have experts on staff who will walk you through the process of obtaining and notarizing the correct documents: work authorizations, immigration forms, permits, visas, and passports.

Human Resource Services: 

Hollander offers a variety of services to support the corporate relocation and human resources staff. 

Cost Estimate

We offer a comprehensive cost projection service that provides information on the cost of living allowance (COLA) for the location where the employee is relocating.

International assignment analysis typically includes policy benefits, investment returns, hardship evaluations, lodging and rent assessments, utilities, and income taxes.

Candidate and Pre-Hire Assistance

We offer assistance in evaluating potential candidates for global assignments. This service also includes support for candidates upon the acceptance of their assignments.


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