Pros and Cons of Moving to Naperville, IL 

Is Naperville a good place to live?

As one of the largest suburbs of Chicago, Naperville is rich with professional and educational opportunities and recreation for those of all ages. Its proximity to Chicago brings you close to the action and entertainment that this vibrant and sprawling city brings, without the hassle and concerns associated with living in a large city. 

If you’re looking for easy access to everything that Chicago brings with a more laid-back lifestyle a little more removed from the hustle and bustle that comes with city life, Naperville might just be the place for you.  

Naperville brings a great sense of balance for a lot of people, regardless of their background, lifestyle, or daily routine. Its suburban environment can create not just a good alternative to city living, but an ideal environment all its own. It’s just a big benefit that you receive this kind of lifestyle while also living just nearby a huge cultural hub that offers you endless access to music, entertainment, art, sports, and great food and drinks scenes.  

Pros and Cons of Living in Naperville, IL

That said, no matter how great we think Naperville or any area might be, there are going to be drawbacks to living there for some people. After all, no area can be completely right for everyone! Before moving to any area, you should always conduct thorough research to ensure that it’s the right place for you, or that you’re confident that you’ll have a great life there.

So what are the benefits and drawbacks of living in Naperville, IL? We’ve compiled everything you need to know about this suburb so you can make the best decision for you before your big move.  

Pros of Living in Naperville, IL

Though just 28 miles outside of Chicago, Naperville is a hotspot of its own and known as one of the best places to live in the Midwest region. The fourth most populous city in Illinois, Naperville with nearly 150,000 residents, Naperville has tons to offer its residents without ever leaving the region. So what makes Naperville such a sought-after destination for those in the state and around the country? Keep reading to see the benefits of living in Naperville, IL.  

  • Family-Friendly 

One of the biggest draws of Naperville is its family-friendly atmosphere. On top of its highly-rated schools and low crime rate (both of which we’ll address later), Naperville offers tons of recreational activities for those of all ages and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. 

With tons of museums like the DuPage Children’s Museum, lovely outdoor attractions like Centennial Beach and Knoch Knolls Nature Center, and more, you and your kids will never be bored.  

  • Career Opportunities 

Home to many corporations, tech companies, law firms, and more, Naperville is known for its abundance of job opportunities. Its top industries include manufacturing, business, education, healthcare, agriculture, and technical services. Its proximity to Chicago also brings even more opportunity.  

  • Safety & Low Crime Rate 

With a crime rate coming in at 91% lower than the national average, Naperville is one of the safest places not only in Illinois but in the country. This makes it one of the most sought-after areas to live in for families and young professionals alike.  

  • Location 

Located just outside of Chicago, Naperville gives you a suburban lifestyle with an easy commute and proximity to one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the country. A dream for sports fans and music lovers (or just those wanting to explore or take a day trip!), Chicago offers tons of opportunities for entertainment and fun.  

Additionally, this large city is home to many businesses and corporations that create many diverse career opportunities for those of all levels of expertise and experience.  

  • School System 

The city’s highly-rated school system creates a huge draw for parents and families, with some of the best public schools in Illinois and the country at large. In addition to its excellent public schools, it’s also in very close proximity to extremely highly-rated higher educational institutions and universities, including North Central College, the University of Chicago, and DePaul University.  

  • History & Culture 

Established in 1831, Naperville counts itself as the oldest city in its county. Its beautiful historic district allows visitors and residents to learn more about the area and its growth over time while also providing activities for the whole family thanks to areas like the Naper Settlement Museum and Riverwalk Park.  

  • Public Transportation 

Though Naperville is not walkable per se and most residents have a car, Naperville does have an excellent public transportation system that can save you from traffic or long commute times. It features commuter rail lines and plentiful bus services, all of which offer plenty of access to Chicago and other nearby areas for commuters or those visiting the city.  

  • Food & Drink 

Naperville has tons of amazing bars, restaurants, and cafes for those of all tastes. Its diverse and eclectic food and drink scenes blend local Chicago staples with international flavors and always lets you find a little something new when eating out.   

Cons of Living in Naperville, IL

As we mentioned before, there are of course going to be drawbacks to living in Naperville, IL, as is the case with every area. Of course, whether or not one of these drawbacks is actually a con is really up to you. Keep reading to make the best decision and to decide if moving to Naperville is for you.  

  • High Cost of Living 

The biggest drawback of moving to Naperville is the city’s high cost of living. At 44% higher than the national average and considered to be the wealthiest area in the Midwest region, not all are able to afford to live here. These costs are only driven up by how in demand it is to live in the area thanks to its low crime, highly-rated schools, and more.  

In addition to its percentage above the national average, Naperville’s cost of living is nearly 18% higher than that of Chicago. That said, it’s not all bad – the area’s daily costs, including groceries and rent, are 25% cheaper than that of Chicago’s average, and feature lower tax rates than the neighboring city.  

  • Housing Market 

Though Naperville features a booming housing market, its home prices are 43% higher than that of Chicago. Its seller’s market means that housing prices are high and that homes sell quickly due to the competition in the market.  

  • Weather 

For some, Naperville’s humid climate and cold winters can be a con for many, especially if they prefer warmer climates. Some might enjoy the temperature differences from summer to winter, but others might enjoy fully experiencing all 4 seasons. The average temperature in summer comes in around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average winter temperature hovers around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Now that we’ve run through the complete benefits and drawbacks of living in Naperville, IL, we’re leaving it up to you to make the jump or not. There’s no doubt that moving to the area brings big benefits for many of the new residents and locals who love it here – and we’re sure you will too.

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