Smart Tips on Smooth Corporate Relocation Methods

Office relocations can easily seem like a huge undertaking for office planners or managers who haven’t coordinated a move on such a scale before or for those unfamiliar with the processes involved in corporate moving. Moves of this sort can be especially stressful and quite the task for small business owners, who often feel like it’s up to them to move their entire office or business by themselves.

To make sure your office or corporate move goes smoothly, however, it’s important not to try and take on your entire move by yourself. There’s simply too much to coordinate, organize and take care of for one person – even if you know you know your business best. Though this may be true, trying to coordinate a move of such proportions can quickly become a mess if your many moving parts don’t come together as they should.

Even when using the right moving company in Chicago for your relocation, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or unorganized in your moving process. However, when you plan properly, have the right procedures in place for your relocation, and work with the best corporate moving company, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the best office moving experience for your money and value.

So how do you make sure you’re approaching your office or corporate relocation properly, and how do you make sure you’ve set your corporate relocation up to be a smooth one? Learn more about how to make sure your move goes smoothly with our top tips.

How to Have a Smooth Corporate Relocation?

Before we narrow down the best ways to plan and prepare for your office move, let’s first make sure you have the right moving company on your side to make sure your process goes smoothly. After all, if you’re not working with the best Chicago local movers for your office’s needs, you can easily fall victim to unfortunate circumstances or have a discombobulated moving process, even with the right planning in place.

Having the right moving company will truly make all the difference in your office relocation, and having an office moving company for you that specializes and has experience in corporate moves will make all the difference in having a smooth move. Whether moving your office locally or long-distance (and even internationally!), make sure you’re pulling off your office relocation with the help of Hollander Moving & Storage Co.

With over 130 years of experience in the relocation industry, we’ve been working hard since 1888 to provide you and your office with the best possible office relocation services. Whether you’re looking to move your business down the block or across the world, we have what it takes to make sure you can count on us. When it comes to corporate relocations, you’ll want Hollander Storage & Moving Co. there to guide you and be by your side to navigate what could otherwise be a tough or confusing moving process.

Now that you’ve determined what you’re looking for in a corporate moving company, let’s determine how to create the best moving and packing process to keep your move running smoothly.

1· Start Planning Early

Just as is the case with residential moving, giving yourself as much time as possible to plan and prepare for your office’s move will make all the difference in how smoothly it runs. From the point of deciding when and where you’ll want your office to make the big move to when moving comes rolling around, having the right measures in place to make your relocation run smoothly will make a huge difference.

Commercial moving requires a lot of planning and a lot of preparation to make work. Your first priority should always be to lock down your moving date with the best corporate movers for you and your business. Before you book your movers, however, you’ll want to create a budget for these movers so you have realistic expectations of what value you should be provided with, and what services they can offer you within your parameters.

Once you’ve locked down your movers, you’ll need to work on a timeline for the rest of your moving process. Think about what you’ll want to pack yourself and what you’ll need professional help with. If you’ll require professional disassembly and reassembly services, make sure to also plan accordingly and build this into your budget.

Consider what kind of space you’re moving into, and how much you’ll be able to realistically fit into your new office. Moving offices can mean expansions or downsizing, and you’ll want to make sure you have the furniture and equipment to properly (and comfortably) outfit your space. Additionally, if you’ll be working with a professional office layout planner or just somebody who will professionally help you to lay out your office furniture in the best way for the flow of your new space, you’ll also need to confer with them regarding these aspects.

2. Hire a Project Manager

As we mentioned, hiring professional office movers to lay out your office with the right flow and overall design will put you and your business ahead. Additionally, these professionals can keep you and your business organized and on track during your move. Whether hiring a project manager in-house or outsourcing to a third party, having somebody to completely focus on your move and who has experience in budgeting and relocations will let you and your staff focus on the individual aspects of your move and in preparing as much as possible.

3. Keep Staff in the Loop

Speaking of employees, you’ll need to keep your staff informed and updated on your moving process as much as is humanly possible from the moment you decide to move up to the relocation itself. Make sure to keep your staff informed and in the know about what your moving plans are and the schedule for your relocation. Always try to get them excited and ready for your move by talking about the benefits of relocating your company or office to this new space.

In addition to how the new space will benefit your company, you should also try to emphasize the benefits of moving for your employees individually. Communicate with them individually and as a group as to the developments of your move. Additionally, try to put out communications in the form of emails, meetings, and group briefings to make sure everybody is informed and reassured about the process.

4. Deep Clean & Declutter

Always read through the terms of your current lease to see what you need to do to ensure that your office gets its security deposit back, and begin deep cleaning the office. This is also the perfect time to declutter and get rid of furniture, old equipment, and old materials that you don’t need, want, or use anymore.

If your business or office owns the space you’ve been using, you should also deep clean to ensure that your business space presents the best it can to potential buyers. Throughout this deep clean and decluttering process, make sure to inform any clients or business partners of your upcoming move and keep them aware of your timeline for the relocation.

5. Get Ready for Moving Day

From there, it’s time to get ready for moving day and make sure you’re on track with your professional packers and movers! Having the right moving company and the right team on your side will make all the difference in keeping your business running smoothly throughout the relocation process, and in getting your office back up and running in no time after the move itself.

Looking for the best local Chicago office mover? Find out what Hollander Moving & Storage Co. can do for you and your business today.


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