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During a relocation, people typically dread one part of the process above all else: packing. Regardless of the size or distance of a move, packing can be tiring and time-consuming, requiring large amounts of energy leading up to the move.

If you’re handling an upcoming relocation and feeling stressed about the prospect of packing, you don’t need to tackle the task on your own. Through the residential packing services from Hollander Storage and Moving, packing has never been easier. Our high-quality packing solutions offer protection, customization, and reliability, allowing you to let the experts do the packing while you focus on other aspects of your move.

Hollander Storage and Moving has offered trusted, dependable services to Chicago and beyond for over 130 years. Since 1888, our company has upheld the highest standards to ensure our customers receive the very best in moving, packing, and storage.

Our storied history has allowed us to establish ourselves as a reputable source of moving solutions, and our legacy has only grown as we have worked to enhance our services year after year. If you need residential packing solutions you can trust, Hollander has what you’re searching for and much more! 

Benefits of Professional Packing Services  

On the fence about whether or not packing services are the right choice for you and your move?  If this sounds like your current situation, that’s okay—allow us to enlighten you with the reasons why professional packing solutions are a key part of simplifying your relocation. Discover just a few of the many benefits of these services below! 

  • Save Time: One of the most pertinent benefits of relying on professional packers is the amount of time saved. Packing can be an incredibly long-winded process, and during the stress of a move, it can feel overwhelming to find the time for packing. When you enlist the help of professionals, you free up plenty of time to focus on other aspects of the move. 
  • Reduce Stress: Feeling overwhelmed about everything you need to get done before you relocate? Experiencing pre-move jitters? When you count on pro packers to handle the task for you, your stress can be reduced immensely. Eliminating this huge task will undoubtedly take a huge weight off of your shoulders and allow for a better moving experience overall. 
  • Protect Your Belongings: Professional packers have the materials and the know-how to take care of your belongings in a way that maximizes their protection. Through these expert services, you can reduce the risk of your items sustaining damage in transit. 
  • Count on Expertise: Working with professional packers means that you have access to the highest level of expertise, held to the very best industry standards. Their expertise allows you to rest assured that your belongings are in good hands ahead of your big relocation. 
  • Customize: Packing services aren’t one size fits all. Instead, you can choose various solutions that suit your individualized needs. You have the option of full-service packing, but you can also opt for a solution that focuses solely on fragile items. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, you can tailor packing services to your needs. 
  • Make Better Use of Space: Because professional packers have a high level of knowledge about the process, they know the best ways to make use of the space within boxes so you can maximize the space you have in your moving truck. This is a simple but effective way to have more space to use for your move. 

Different Packing Materials and Techniques  

When packing your belongings, your professional packers will utilize a wide variety of high-quality materials and expert techniques in order to achieve the best results. These supplies enable your items to be safe and protected while your items are in transit. 

  • Boxes
  • Packing Paper 
  • Bubble Wrap 
  • Packing Tape 
  • Furniture Covers and Blankets 
  • Mattress Bags 
  • Resealable Plastic Bags 
  • Markers and Labels 

Fragile Item Packing and Special Handling  

At Hollander Storage and Moving, our team offers a Fragile Only Pack service that allows you to opt for professional packing for only your most delicate items. This is the perfect solution for those who want to pack most of their items but need a little extra assistance to keep their fragile belongings safe. With the help of our professional packing staff, you can feel calm and confident knowing that your most fragile and valuable items have expert-level protection during transportation.  

With the Fragile Only Pack, our packing professionals can handle the items that need the utmost protection. From fine wine collections to valued antiques to precious art pieces, we have the knowledge and expertise to pack your items safely and securely. No matter how far you’re traveling, the Hollander team can utilize our expert packing techniques and specialized fragile item handling to minimize the risk of damage while in the moving truck.  

Unpacking Services: Making Your Move Stress-Free  

Just as packing can be a challenge, unpacking can offer its own set of difficulties. Similar to packing, unpacking is often a large time commitment and requires a lot of energy. Luckily, Hollander Storage & Moving Co. also offers unpacking services to simplify your life as you settle into your new home.

You can customize your services, so whether you need your whole home or certain items unpacked, our team can do the job safely and efficiently. We can handle unpacking fragile items and even setting up and assembling furniture. Our personalized solutions can provide exactly what you’re looking for as you make your new house a home. 

Packing Made Simple with Hollander!

With our residential packing and unpacking solutions, completing a successful relocation has never been more convenient. The team at Hollander Storage & Moving is here to make your move as simple as possible, and we can get your move started on the right foot with our tailored packing services. 

With Hollander, your worries can be eased through our reliable solutions and stressful packing processes will be put in the past. Interested in discovering how our team can meet your needs and exceed your expectations? Request a quote online, or call us at 866-754-0907. We can’t wait to assist you! 

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