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Assimilating into a new cultural environment can be overwhelming. That’s why Hollander Storage & Moving,  with support from UniGroup Worldwide, offers a variety of services to aid in the adjustment. Depending on your destination and unique needs, our team can offer a worldwide network of services.

Cultural and Language Training

Language is perhaps the most difficult cultural change that comes with an international move. Along with UniGroup Worldwide, Hollander offers an extensive language training program that begins prior to departure. Our private, youth, or group language immersion trainings are a great remedy for curing cultural anxiety. Customers have access to repatriation and accent modification programs, the ability to participate in business terminology trainings, and access to our extensive online resource, which includes essential information concerning your destination country and relevant cultural insights.

Settling In Services

Hollander, with UniGroup Worldwide, offers an overview of school and childcare services prior to departure, to aid parents in making crucial childcare decisions with ease. Customers will be accommodated on school tours and be assisted with organizing appointments with school administrators. Once a school is chosen, we will also help with the enrollment process.

Partner and Spouse Support

Transitioning to a new country is a family affair. Through partner and spouse support programs, we offer family transition advocates, resume development, career and continuation support, interview coaching, and civic and charitable organizations research. These support networks are crucial for corporate relocations, but are also beneficial for personal moves.

Pet Relocation

We understand that pets are part of the family too! That’s why we help customers arrange transportation and documentation assistance for their animals. We also help with locating veterinarians.

Departure Assistance

If you plan on returning home after a temporary stay abroad, our departure services team can assist you in a smooth transition home. Assistance includes move-out inspections, inventory reporting, cleaning services, lease terminations, bank account closures, school transfers, and forwarding services.


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