International Moving Process

Plan Your International Moving with a Professional Overseas Movers

When you choose to move with Hollander Storage & Moving Company, you are choosing a company that has vast international resources. With the support of UniGroup Worldwide, we will pair you with the international services you need without any limitations. We assign you a professional international move manager who will serve as your point of contact throughout the entire process of overseas moving.

Our move managers are trained in all aspects of overseas moving service & relocation and deliver high-quality services. We constantly strive to provide detail-oriented and considerate advice and service. 

Pre-Move Planning

Planning in advance is the most crucial key to a successful international move. It is important to know what to expect ahead of time, and to plan accordingly.

Hollander Chicago international movers provides an in-depth in-home survey of all household items at the start of the planning process. From that, we create an accurate estimate based on the specific needs of our customers.

Our international move managers serve as the point person for all aspects of the overseas move planning stage. Planning departure dates, going over packing and customs requirements, and providing information on destination services are all jobs for the move manager. We also provide our customers with a detailed moving checklist. 

Means of Transport

Hollander one of the best international moving companies Chicago considers all modes of transportation when designing how a customer’s belongings will get from point A to point B.

Each international move typically requires more than one mode of transportation. We create a detailed plan for all aspects of each and every international move. We utilize road, rail, ocean, and air transportation services. Lift van containers, ocean freight containers, and air freight containers are all available to move belongings.

Hollander only uses the safest and most cost-effective modes of transportation. You can be sure that your shipments will reach their new home. 

Managing the Move

Having a move manager alleviates the stress that comes along with an international moving & relocation.

Our managers are certified, multilingual, and highly trained. Their job is to ensure a successful transition to your new home and country. All matters of overseas moving service are taken into their hands. They offer customers pricing services, forwarding logistics, protection policies for overseas transit, and documentation services.

The move manager serves as your personal travel guide when it comes to moving internationally.

Pre-Move Services:

Planning in advance and providing advice about travel details are important steps to take before an international relocation.

Our pre-move checklist involves the following:

  • Validating origin (current home) and destination (new home) contact information within 24 hours of your estimate acceptance.
  • Providing you with country-specific information to help you become acquainted with your destination.
  • Reviewing customs clearance regulations and documentation.
  • Explaining property protection options.
  • Confirming packing and loading dates with you and our services providers.

In-Transit Services:

During transit, each shipment is tracked via a trafficking system that helps the move manager coordinate each step of the shipment.  All information is also shared with the customer in real-time. Ground transportation, the port of exit handling, international transportation via rail, water, or air, the port of entry handling, and customs clearance are all tracked. Delivery at the new destination is the final step of the transit process.

Destination Services:

Your move manager will assist you in any settling-in services, including coordinating deliveries, obtain necessary documentation, and serving as your overall point of reference.

Global Property Protection

Global Property Protection Provides Peace of Mind

International relocations can be daunting and complex. Luckily Hollander is here to provide you with International moving services and resources to protect your belongings throughout your move. Long-distance or overseas moving requires a combination of transportation methods: property traveling by truck, railway, ship, or plane will all be protected under our relocation plans. In the unexpected and rare instance of loss of damaged goods, Hollander’s property protection will cover replacement and repair costs.

Shipper Protection Overview

There are two options for Global Property Protection. Information about the options can be found below. Please consider carefully and be advised that you must fully understand the option that you choose.

Itemized Value inventory

The itemized value inventory option is the option for customers who have taken a complete inventory of their belongings. You will provide us with a list of your items and their estimated replacement value at the destination.

Please note that the protection charge is calculated based on the value of all declared items. Should you neglect to include the value of an item, no protection may be provided for that item.

The total of all values declared will be the total amount of protection.

Weight Multiplier (Lump Sum)

For most customers, Hollander recommends the weight multiplier option.

With this option, you will take the total weight of your shipment and use a multiplier, which must be a minimum of $10 US per pound. The average shipment is valued at approximately $15 US per pound. If you have high volume items, such as antiques or collectibles, the value of the multiplier can be raised to meet the overall value of the shipment. When you choose a multiplier of $15 US per pound or more, no additional costs will be added for optional mold and mildew protection, mechanical malfunction, and replacement of non-damaged matching items in pairs and sets.

All the items in your shipment will be covered, and in the rare and unlikely event of loss or damage, Hollander will handle the replacement or repair of your belongings.

High-Value Inventory

Any shipment valued at $1,500 US or greater must be listed as high-value inventory so that the moving crew can be alerted to the need for packing and/or crating. This goes for both Global Property Options. If you should choose the Weight Multiplier option, the total of your high-value inventory will be added to the value determined by the weight multiplier.

Corporate Account Protection Overview: 

Comprehensive Coverage

Flexible coverage offered by Hollander Storage & Moving Company with the assistance of UniGroup Worldwide allows for assignees to determine the value of their shipment should their belongings need to be repaired or replaced.

Our comprehensive plans can cover damage or loss due to mold, mildew, or electronic malfunction. It also accounts for the value of furniture sets, so if only one part of the set is lost or damaged, the value of the entire set will be covered.

Global Network

Our global network is represented in over 180 countries worldwide.

Should your assignees need assistance at any point, our local claims surveyor will be ready to help.

Centralized Claims Management

All claims management is centralized at one location, at our (UniGroup) world headquarters, so third party delays will never be an issue. All communications are managed through UniGroup Worldwide, our partner, so that all problems, should they arise, can be resolved quickly.

Our number one priority is protecting our customers and their belongings. You can count on Hollander and UniGroup Worldwide’s Global Property Protection for fool-proof coverage.

If you have further questions about property protection, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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