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Hollander United in Chicago is pleased to offer first class Employee Domestic Relocation programs for all of your company’s needs.  With any successful relocation management endeavor, there are various stages of the process to ensure every aspect of the relocation is successfully accomplished:  Pre-Planning, Relocation Execution and Post Relocation.

The Pre-Planning phase consists of the following:

  • Policy Consulting: A comprehensive review of the employees relocation benefits and preliminary planning discussion
  • Cost Estimate: Preparation of a realistic relocation cost estimated which can be used internally for corporate budgeting and accountability

The Relocation Execution phase consists of the following:

  • Employee Consultation: Each employee will receive comprehensive consultation which will review the full relocation benefits provided to the employee and a planning session on all aspects of their relocation.
  • Home Marketing Assistance: We will assist each employee with the real estate brokers selection process, effective strategies to market their home and offer negotiation techniques to help with the sales process.
  • Home Sales Assistance: Assistance with the entire real estate transaction and closing of the home being sold.
  • Household Good Transportation: Assist relocation employee with all of their household goods transportation needs, packing, crating, storage as well as any other coordinated moving benefits like auto and/or boat relocation.
  • Spouse or Partner Support: Supporting the trailing spouse/partner in career coaching, job search techniques and best practices, and settling in to increase the success in their new location.
  • Tax Gross-Up: Provide tax gross-up calculations for the employee based upon the benefits provided.

The Post Relocation phase is as follows:

  • Temporary Housing or Accommodations: Finding suitable housing arrangements for an interim time between primary residences.
  • Home Purchase and Mortgage Services: Assist with the selection of the right mortgage provider and support through the home purchase process.
  • Household Goods Transportation: Final execution and coordination of household goods delivery to the new residence.
  • Destination Services: Assistance with finding and securing of appropriate housing including security deposits and utility set-up.
  • Expense Management: Tracking, submission and payment of financial relocation expenses.
  • Service Quality Management: A quality survey is sent to each employee to rate their level of satisfaction with the relocation as well as the relocation support services provided.

Contact Hollander United– your Chicago Employee Domestic Relocation Company with the program to best suit the needs of your company.


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