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Hollander Storage and moving is Mour 3PL provider for asset disposition in Chicago and across the United States. Hollander can provide cost effective solutions that streamline IT Logistics projects.

Today, companies are leasing ever-increasing volumes of computer equipment ranging in size from large servers to wafer-thin laptops.

This influx of technology presents logistical problems regarding how to most efficiently swap in this new hardware for its aging predecessors. The limited availability of office space, IT personnel and staging areas becomes particularly problematic when doing medium- to large-scale technology updates.

Hollander Storage & Moving is the nationwide asset disposition company in Chicago that has cost-effective solutions that streamline these projects.

Together with United Van Lines, we have decades of experience relocating computer equipment. We have the personnel and equipment to facilitate any type of computer updating project. And United Van Lines’ nationwide network makes us the perfect choice for projects anywhere in the country.

In today’s challenging economy, your IT personnel’s time is at more of a premium than ever. Hollander makes it very cost- and time-efficient to outsource the following:

  • Data Center Relocations
  • Secure Asset Disposals
  • Asset Relocations
  • Corporate Clean outs
    • Employee Purchase Program
    • Re-Deployment
  • Lease Return Management
  • Data Security /Chain of Custody
  • Recycling and Media Destruction
  • Office Personnel relocations
  • Desktop Equipment Migrations
  • Server Migrations
  • Equipment Movements Worldwide

Call on Hollander Storage & Moving as the asset disposition company in Chicago to get your job done.


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