Why you should move to Elk Grove Village in 2023

Interested in moving to Illinois in 2023? Looking to find the perfect town to settle down in? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Elk Grove Village, a town of around 33,000 people about 20 miles northwest of Chicago. As a lovely suburb sitting within the Chicago metropolitan area, Elk Grove Village provides an excellent home for singles and families alike with a wide variety of wants and needs. This exceptional community is the perfect candidate for your future Illinois home. Interested in discovering more about this location? Keep reading and find out why we and so many others love Elk Grove Village and what it has to offer!

Why move to Elk Grove Village in 2023

  1. A safe area to live

When moving to a new town, one of the most important boxes to check is that your new community is a safe place to reside. Fortunately, Elk Grove Village has a low crime rate, making it an excellent place to raise a family. The rate of violent crimes is well below the national average and the state average, with an overall crime rate of 12 in 1,000 residents. This is a huge advantage, offering residents a strong peace of mind.

  1. Proximity to the Windy City

One great element of living in Elk Grove Village is the fact that you can enjoy suburban life while still being in close proximity to a major city, Chicago. This provides an excellent perk as this proximity can allow residents to commute to work in the city, accessing many elusive job opportunities and returning home to the suburban community at the end of the day. Alternatively, people can enjoy the many fun elements of the city recreationally on evenings or weekends without much of a long trip at all. With easy access to the highway, a resident in the Village can get to Chicago in around 20 minutes. Plus, it’s a quick trip to O’Hare International Airport, providing residents with a convenient way to fly out of the area.

  1. Reasonable cost of living

Another benefit of residing in Elk Grove Village is the cost of living. Although the price is not comparatively less than the United States average, it’s important to note that, for this area and with the proximity to the city, you’re paying a great price for all the advantages of the Village. You’re reaping the benefits of being near Chicago while still paying a suburban cost, which is a huge perk. Additionally, the public school districts in the area are excellent, meaning that the costs of being here end up evening out with the many advantages. Also, utilities and healthcare in Elk Grove Village cost less than both the national average and the state average, a desirable trait to have in a town.

  1. Lots of community events

When you move to Elk Grove Village, you can expect a strong sense of community, boosted consistently by a large number of events within the town. A quick look at the town’s website will lead you to discover endless for residents of the area to attend. Here in Elk Grove Village, you can find neighborhood block parties, a summer farmers market, a concert series with great performances, a hometown parade, Oktoberfest, and much more. These various festivities offer things for the whole family to enjoy, with a wide variety of fun no matter what your interests are. No matter how you like to spend your time, this town’s community events can offer activities for you to enjoy.

  1. Great spots to enjoy the outdoors

In this Chicago suburb, one of the best parts is the Elk Grove Village Park District, a 473-acre system of 44 parks and various community athletic fields for residents to spend time in. Another part of this feature is the Jack A. Claes Pavilion, full of fun attractions from a carousel to an indoor playground to a dance studio and much, much more. This stunning nature district has something for everyone, even boasting a golf course. You can also visit the Busse Woods Forest Preserve, which holds an 11.2-mile pedestrian and bicycling path, as well as Busse Lake. This is a great spot to go fishing and just generally enjoy the great outdoors. Here in Elk Grove Village, you’ll have no shortage of places to spend time outside.

Start planning your move to Elk Grove Village today!

Elk Grove Village is an excellent destination for any single, couple, or family looking for a Chicago suburb to settle into. Interested in relocating here and looking for a reliable moving company to help you complete your move? Count on Hollander Storage & Moving Co. to provide you with relocation services in Chicago that can transform your move to be as smooth and manageable as possible. We’ve provided these solutions to the Chicagoland area and beyond since 1888, and we proudly strive to do better for our customers with each and every move. Request a free quote today, and find out more about our affordable rates and high-quality solutions!


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