Professional Packing Services – Do You Need Them?

Professional Packing Services – Do You Need Them?

As many of us unfortunately know, moving is a lot of work. Especially if you’re working full time at your job (not everyone can be professional Chicago movers, we suppose), or juggling other responsibilities like childcare or recreational activities, it can seem nearly impossible to bring packing and moving responsibilities in on top of that.

These factors pile up to create the need for movers and packers in Chicago to take care of your relocation. It’s not just these responsibilities you can focus on with the help of your professional packers, either – hiring professionals ensures the safety of your items while allowing your home to be packed up with professional efficiency.

If you’re not convinced that working with moving and storage companies in Chicago is the right move for you, however, or maybe don’t know where to start in your search for the right company for your relocation, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll give you the best tools to choose or hire the best professional packing and moving company for your residential or commercial move.

What are Professional Packers?

If you’re not sure what professional packers are in general, we’ll fill you in on the fundamentals. Professional packers are usually part of a moving company’s specialty crews or work for moving companies, and are responsible for wrapping and boxing up your household items and preparing large items like furniture for travel.

Since these packers are experienced and trained professionals, they can pack more efficiently and more safely than the average person, which is coincidentally why many people choose to utilize their expertise.

What Do Professional Packers Do?

If you’re considering whether or not professional packing services are right for you, knowing what to expect from these services will help you know what to expect and manage your expectations. Basic packing services will include:

  • Packing materials your professionals will use to pack up your things, including professional-grade boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other cushioning materials. They’ll also bring any special packing supplies unique items might require.
  • Packers will go room to room and pack up your things in sections or will wrap up items like furniture that might require it.
  • They will label every box according to what room it corresponds to streamline the unpacking process.
  • Professional packers will not take an inventory of the unique items in your home or specifically label each item in each of your boxes.

Before the arrival of your professional packers, you should also declutter your home and purge the items that you won’t bring with you on your move. After all, there’s no use in packing up and moving items you’ll get rid of later on anyway. Getting rid of items you don’t want, need, or use will also help to make your move cheaper as a whole.

How Much are Professional Packing Services?

There’s no question that hiring professional packers is incredibly convenient and makes your life much easier during a time often regarded as very hectic or stressful. Unfortunately, packing services aren’t always the most affordable for those working with tight budgets. You’ll need to pay for the supply costs associated with the materials your packers bring with them, as well as an hourly rate. This amounts to an average of $1000 per household for packing services, including both materials and labor. Smaller homes of course will come with cheaper packing costs, and larger ones should expect higher costs. Keep in mind that these costs are just for packing, and not for unpacking.

Though the cost of professional packing services doesn’t fit every budget, it is often more than worth it in the end for families or for those who do not have the time to pack everything up amidst their busy schedules or tight deadlines.

Why Hire Professional Packers?

One of the biggest reasons why people hire professional packers is convenience. As we mentioned before, it’s more than worth it to hire professional packing services for those with busy schedules, families with children who do not have time to pack up their homes, or for those with tight moving deadlines.

For those moving internationally or taking on long-distance moving processes, having items packed professionally also means an added level of security in knowing your items have been packed with the precision and security only professionals can bring.

Hiring professional packers is also a great decision for those who might not be able to handle the physical strains involved with packing and moving. Even those who consider themselves able-bodied often struggle with packing, as these tasks require excessively heavy lifting, moving very bulky or awkward items, and navigating tough spaces with items you might not be properly equipped to handle as you pack. This can be a particular issue for the elderly or the disabled, who instead choose to use professional packers to make things infinitely easier and safer.

Finally, a great reason to hire professional packing services is if you have to move quickly or have your moving day coming up faster than expected. Packing up an entire household in less than a week is a nearly impossible feat, but hiring professionals allows you to have everything packed up safely and at the highest level of efficiency.

These services are also pretty much essential for those with antique or rare items, as having specialty packers come in to handle these items will ensure their safety, and will ensure that they’re handled properly.

When looking for professional packing services, finding the best moving and packing services in Chicago will set you up for success and will keep your items as safe as possible. Looking for the right company for your household or business? See what Hollander Storage & Moving Co. can do for you today when you learn more about our services or get a free quote from us.


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