What to Know When Moving in with New Roommates

Moving is a complicated process that undoubtedly needs a lot of planning and preparation to ensure all of the aspects of your relocation go smoothly. Especially when moving to a new area or into a new situation, having all of the variables in your relocation come together to work in tandem together is key to letting you settle into your new place comfortably, and get used to your new surroundings.

When moving in with new roommates, whether all coming from different areas or places, or moving into a space that already has people residing in it, having your move-in process run smoothly only becomes more important. This way, you can focus on trying to ensure that your living style is compatible with and meshes with your roommates, rather than having to focus on all of the different variables involved in your move while doing so.

Beyond just the planning involved in your move, what should you do to prepare to move into a new space with roommates? In this blog, we’ll give you some tips to adjust to your new living situation and how to get ready for this change.

How to Adjust to Roommates

When moving in with roommates who already have a place, being the ‘new roommate’ can understandably be a little awkward if you don’t know anyone in the house ahead of time. If you’re a new person in a house full of people with an established dynamic, getting used to your place in the house is essential to settling in well and getting to know who you’re living with.

After moving all of your items in, collaborate with your roommates on how you want to integrate your things into common spaces, and how you want to organize areas like the kitchen and pantry. Go over any house rules or agreements, and figure out who’s in charge of which chores, or if they generally tend to switch off. Figure out what the dynamic of the house is, and feel out what people’s general habits are or how they tend to live. For example, are your new roommates more night owls, or early risers? Are they messy? What are everyone’s roommate’s pet peeves? Establish open communication and work on correcting habits others might take issue with in the house as well to avoid confrontation, conflict, or misunderstandings.

How to Move in With Friends

If you’re moving in with a group of friends who you haven’t lived with before, establishing open communication and rules is even more important so that your friendship doesn’t suffer because of misunderstandings or differing living habits.

With open communication, you can avoid a lot of possible altercations or conflicts. After all, they say you don’t know someone until you live with them – and that’s true even for the closest friends! Make sure you communicate effectively before and after moving into your space and establish what each of you should expect from living with one another. This will help set boundaries and will create a light and fun atmosphere to come home to.

Planning & Packing

When moving into a new place with your friends or with those you don’t know, planning ahead of time both with them and about your items makes a huge difference in ensuring you’re in a good place when settling in. If you don’t communicate what common areas might need what, or what things each other is bringing, you could wind up with a cluttered home that has too much stuff, or duplicates of items in it. Before move-in, communicate with your roommates and give yourself plenty of time to declutter and plan before tackling the actual packing process. From there, you can book your movers and establish a moving day and definitive timeline you’ll want to adhere to while preparing to move.

Moving in with new people can be intimidating and exciting at the same time! As long as you effectively communicate and work with one another, you’ll be set up for success and will create a nice environment and dynamic to live in, no matter how different your lifestyles might be. Haven’t found the right movers to take on your relocation with yet? See what Hollander Storage & Moving Co. can do as your professional moving company today.


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