Eco-Friendly Moving Tips for Your Next Move

No matter what the circumstances are, moving is difficult. It’s time-consuming, energy-draining, and often headache-inducing. But what if you want to transform your move to be eco-friendly? How does that change your moving process as a whole? The truth is, you may see this added layer as something you want to do, but you’re just not quite sure how to accomplish this amid all the hustle and bustle of your already busy relocation. In fact, it could seem like it’s just too stressful to take on another set of challenges when you’re already overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your move. However, the reality is a lot simpler than that. With the proper know-how, orchestrating an environmentally conscious move doesn’t have to be any more difficult than your average move. All it takes is being aware of the right steps to follow. Curious about what those steps entail? Discover our top 6 eco-friendly moving tips, and make your next relocation your greenest one yet!

Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

  1. Sell and donate what you can
    Before any move, a thorough decluttering is advisable. Clearing out what you no longer want or need can make packing (and unpacking!) both exponentially easier, and you save yourself a lot of time in the long run. Plus, you end up having much more space to work with you in your new home, which is extremely valuable. One way to go a step further and make this process more eco-conscious is to decrease the number of items you simply trash, instead selling or donating as much as possible. If the belongings you want to get rid of are in good condition, there are plenty of avenues to explore before throwing anything in the garbage.

    First, if you have valuable items that you think you can make a profit on, selling your items to people who want to give them a new home is an awesome option. You can find many resale sites online, or you can opt for a traditional yard sale. Either way, you have the ability to make some profit off of the items you no longer need. Alternatively, donating to secondhand shops is a great way to get belongings off your hands, especially since these shops are more affordable for those in need. These stores will take most items as long as they are in decent condition. If, after exploring other options, you really need to toss an item, look into the ways you can recycle the item. Local recycling centers will have better ways to dispose of these belongings.

  2. Repurpose what you already have
    Rather than using materials like bubble wrap and other single-use supplies, there are alternatives that can easily make your move much more eco-friendly. The best way to approach this is to reuse what you already own. You might be wondering, “How is this possible?” The answer is quite simple. The items you already have laying around your home can be used in ways you might not have even thought of. As you pack your boxes, you will need reinforcement to protect your fragile belongings. You can utilize blankets, towels, and thick articles of clothing to wrap around these items. Since you would pack these items anyway, you essentially save space while opting for an alternative that is much better for the environment.
  3. Find boxes from local retailers
    Oftentimes, stores will have a surplus of boxes that they can’t possibly use up. These retailers will gladly offer up these boxes for free if you just ask. This is an excellent option because these boxes are typically sturdy and reliable for moving. Once you use these boxes, you can then be sure to recycle them properly or reuse them for other purposes. Another great option is to buy reusable boxes if you can fit it into your budget. These boxes are usually made of thick, sturdy plastic and can be reused for years to come. Both options are sustainable, responsible ways to pack.
  4. Pack concisely
    As you prepare for your move, you’ll spend a lot of time filling your boxes with belongings. This is a time-consuming process, and it is often considered one of the most dreaded parts of moving. First, remember to give yourself plenty of time to handle this task without needing to rush, as this can create undue stress and can reduce the level of organization you’re able to achieve. Allow ample time to organize and label your boxes to improve your packing and unpacking experience.

    To make your move more eco-friendly, making sure to pack concisely is an important element of the process. Decreasing the number of boxes and packing materials you need to use can go a long way in enhancing your environmental consciousness. Packing as much as you can (within reason to ensure your boxes don’t become too heavy to lift securely) and keeping your boxes consolidated is helpful as you can minimize your waste. Plus, you can potentially decrease the size of a moving truck or minimize the car trips you’ll need.

  5. Minimize trips between houses
    As previously mentioned, doing as few trips as possible is ideal. If you are completing a local move and decide not to use a moving truck, it’s crucial to be aware of how much mileage you’re putting on your car. Using more gas than necessary and emitting fumes is very harmful to the environment, so being conscious of this fact and cutting down the number of trips you need to take is an important part of this task.
  6. Recycle your materials when you’re done
    Finally, at the end of your move, you’ll have accumulated materials that you used, no matter how much you cut down for the sake of being eco-friendly. You’re bound to have boxes and other supplies to dispose of at the end of the moving process. When you reach this point, be sure to properly recycle these items instead of just throwing everything in the trash together. If anything is able to be saved, reused, or repurposed, try to do so in order to reduce your waste.

Moving made eco-friendly

With these tips, you’re well on your way to an eco-friendly relocation. Interested in finding the right moving company to help with this process? Trust Hollander Storage & Moving Co. with all your relocation needs. Our trusted professionals prioritize our customers’ satisfaction so you can complete your move with less stress and more ease. Request a free quote today, and find out what we can do for you!


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