How to Relocate Out of State: A Complete Guide

Congratulations – you’re moving to a new state! This relocation is an exciting new chapter in your life. Despite the happiness and anticipation of living somewhere new, stress feels inevitable. As you prepare for this journey, you may be overwhelmed, anxious, or scared, a completely normal reaction to such a big change. But how can you move out of state in the most efficient and successful way possible? If you’re searching for the secret to stress-free interstate moving, you’ve come to the right place. Our eight top interstate moving tips can set you on the right track to complete your move to a new state with ease. Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

How to Relocate Out of State?

  • Plan ahead

When it comes to your big move, you can majorly benefit from an early start. As soon as the wheels of your move are in motion, begin the process of planning immediately. Although it may seem way in advance, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover, and you don’t want to do yourself the disservice of feeling rushed and pressured as moving day approaches. Start figuring out the logistics of your relocation as early as possible. If you have any important deadlines to complete certain tasks for, make note of them on your moving checklist or calendar. Because you’re moving out of state, this will also involve travel plans, transportation, and other related elements.

  • Create a budget

Understandably, there will be plenty of costs associated with your out-of-state move. Aside from the expected costs for any move involving paying deposits and buying items for the home, you will have additional expenses due to the distance. If you choose to hire interstate movers, you will need to pay more than what you would pay if you were moving down the street. You may even opt to ship certain items to your new home instead, so it’s important to factor these costs in. Additionally, you will need to pay for transportation elements such as gas, plane tickets, and hotel stays. Plan your budget ahead of time so you can anticipate the various costs and prepare yourself for any potential emergencies that may arise.

  • Declutter your space

Before any move, completing a declutter is wise. It allows you to feel like you have a clean slate in your new home, and it can save time, effort, and money when it comes to packing and transporting your belongings. However, with a state-to-state relocation, decluttering can be extra useful. As previously mentioned, the cost of hiring long-distance movers is bound to be much greater than the cost of in-state movers. For this reason, you will want to minimize the number of items you’re bringing with you so you can stick to a smaller moving truck or storage container. Plus, you won’t have to worry about as many items shifting and jostling in transit as you decrease the amount you’re bringing along with you.

  • Research the area

As you get ready to venture to your new state, it’s crucial to find out more about the area you’ll be living in. Of course, you’ll want to research the essentials that you and your family will require. This will include places like schools, jobs, public transit, hospitals and doctor’s offices, and grocery stores. In addition to these necessary locations, you can also prepare for your big move by finding places you can look forward to visiting. From restaurants to amusement parks to shopping centers, it will be great to find out the best local spots to have fun and enjoy yourself. This will give you some excitement amid the stress of moving.

  • Enlist professional help

Preparing for a move on your own isn’t impossible, but it’s certainly difficult. If you’re able to budget for it, seeking the help of long distance moving services can be extremely useful and alleviate some of the burdens on your shoulders during the moving process. In fact, you may be surprised by the affordability of some moving companies, especially if you’re able to receive a discount for booking in advance. By using the help of professionals, you can feel a lot less daunted by the task of moving, and it can really simplify the process of getting your belongings from point A to point B. You can even find companies that offer packing services if you want extra help in that department.

  • Contact the right people

Ahead of your interstate move, you’ll have to notify a few different places about your new address. This will include your insurance company, the IRS, the postal service, your place of work, your bank, and the DMV, among others depending on your own circumstances. You will also need to reach out to your utility companies, such as water, electricity, and wi-fi. It’s crucial to make sure you terminate these services with ample time so you aren’t forced to deal with unforeseen charges. Additionally, be sure to set up your services at the new place ahead of time so everything will be ready to go from the day you move in.

  • Pack with care

As you prepare to move to your new home state, you will have plenty of packing to do. Since your items will be in transit for more time in a long distance move, that also means the chances of your belongings sustaining damage in transit is higher. When you put your items into boxes, make sure to properly reinforce everything, especially your fragile items. You can use bubble wrap or packing paper, but you can also utilize other items you already have such as towels and blankets to effectively pad items that need more care. Minimize movement within your boxes as much as possible by being strategic about the way you place items inside.

  • Bring an essentials bag

Make sure to have a clearly marked bag with you on moving days (or days) with your essential items. Each family member should have one to keep their necessary belongings in. You will want to have at least one change of clothes, your essential toiletries, basic kitchen items such as utensils, medication, and any other items that you’ll need right away. Since you’re moving long distance, you will likely need to pack a bit more in your essentials bag than if you were moving locally.

The best interstate moving tips for your move

As you venture on the journey of your interstate relocation, following these steps will successfully prepare you to move with as little stress as possible. Although your work is cut out for you, a long distance move doesn’t need to be nightmarish – it can be much easier than you may anticipate. Want some extra help from a reliable moving service? Find out what Hollander Storage & Moving Co. can do for you. With top rated state-to-state relocation services, Hollander has the solutions you’re seeking.


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