How to Pack Clothes for Moving?

If you’re looking to move soon, odds are you’re probably a little stressed about finding the best way to move clothes or looking for ways to pack clothes efficiently and in a way that will take up the least amount of room.

When it comes to figuring out the best way to pack clothes for moving, packing efficiently, and ensuring that you can bring all of the clothes you want to you’ll want to keep a few things in find to make sure you’re not only taking everything you want with you but that you’re packing smartly and with the right strategy.

If you’re looking for the best way to pack clothes to move, you’ve come to the right place. With Hollander’s complete guide, you’ll be able to take on the packing process confidently, without having to worry about how to fit or store your clothes safely.

Best Strategy for Packing Clothes for a Move

When you’re beginning to make your packing or moving checklist, you should always be as organized as possible to make every aspect of your move come together as it needs to. If you don’t take on the packing process with a strategy in mind or process, you could end up stressed, all over the place mentally, and even charged more when it comes to your actual move.

This unnecessary stress and disorganization can also cause problems in transporting your things or unpacking later on! However, there are plenty of solutions to these issues, and you can avoid all of them by staying organized and having a plan in place to make sure the things you’re bringing with you are packed properly and that your process goes smoothly.

Before you start any of the parts of the actual packing process itself, you’re going to want to declutter your things – and not just clothing! Though clothing is usually the easiest to go through and eliminate items you don’t need (it’s pretty easy to determine what you do and don’t wear or use, after all), it can be harder to do so with furniture or items that are harder to determine your actual use of. Remember, even if you’re going to be taking on just a local move, your costs can easily be increased if you decide to just take everything with you instead of clearing out what you don’t want or use.

However, when it comes to decluttering your things before you begin the moving process, you first want to get rid of clothes that just don’t fit or work for you anymore. If you don’t wear or use them now, you’re not going to do so after your move! There’s no use bringing things that you don’t want or use that will only drive up your moving prices and take up unnecessary space in your moving truck.

Additionally, when it comes to packing larger items or clothing alike, don’t bother packing items that aren’t in the best existing condition and that can be easily replaced. Donate, sell, or give away these things and get new ones or replacements down the line (if you want to) once you’re settled into your new place. This can help significantly reduce your moving costs (since you’ll be charged by weight!), which can be especially helpful and a relief if you’re moving over long distances.

Best Ways to Pack Clothes to Move

Whether moving locally or long-distance, if you’re looking to have the most efficient move possible, you’ll want to pack your clothes efficiently. If you’re using a local or long-distance moving company, you’ll want to use regular moving boxes, but might want to look for ones that might be a little extra fortified if you’re heading internationally or if your items are especially fragile.

For items like older or more brittle clothing, you’ll want to also wrap your things in bags or protective casings to keep out pests, dust, moisture, or any elemental issues. You can also always use vacuum-sealed or compression bags to both keep out the elements and any pests while also keeping your things safe and freeing up additional space in your boxes. Don’t forget to also utilize your regular suitcases as well in accordance with these bags to give your items a little extra security.

What to Pack First When Moving?

When planning out your packing strategy, you’ll want to first pack clothing that is considered ‘out of season’. If you’re moving during the summer, pack away winter clothes, anything long-sleeved or just things you know you won’t be wearing during the timeline of your move.

Always take into account the weather of the area you’re moving to, and make sure it either matches up with or is comparable to your current climate so you don’t arrive unprepared. If your new home is located in a different climate (especially if moving overseas), make sure to anticipate any temperature differences and pack accordingly so you’re dressed properly upon your arrival.

As far as the actual packing of your items goes, never just haphazardly fold them and throw them into the nearest box or plastic tote as-is. This can cause harm or damage to your items, or just leave you unorganized and confused as to where your things are. Always try to roll your garments to increase storage space, save time, and keep your clothes from getting super wrinkly or stretched out. It’s also a much easier method to use when you’re using compression or vacuum-sealed bags.

Set aside essential items and clothing that you know you’ll need immediately when you arrive. Always pack enough clothes to have with you for the first few days or a week upon your arrival. Once your things are delivered to you, you can start unboxing your items and furniture.

Rolling your clothes and storing them in compression bags will make things a lot easier to be flexible with the items that you can bring with you for immediate wear when you get to your new home. Always keep your go-to items and essentials to travel directly with you when moving in order to be able to keep them accessible while you wait for your other things to arrive, plus just to keep them as safe as possible if they’re rare or expensive.

When it comes to having the right packing tips for your clothes when you move, it’s all about efficiency and having the right strategy going into the process. If you’re looking for the best way to pack clothes to move, the first thing you need to do is to declutter and get rid of unnecessary or unworn clothes to keep your costs down and alleviate yourself from any unnecessary work.

Additionally, always roll instead of folding your clothes, and try to make use of the compression of vacuum bags to make as much space as possible. From there, make sure you’re working with the right moving company to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for the best professional movers for your needs, see what Hollander Storage & Moving Co. can do for you and your household items. We’ll provide you with the best services for the best prices possible.


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