Moving to a New Apartment? How to Prepare

With the busy summer moving season upon us, a lot of people will be moving or making a relocation to a new apartment during the upcoming hot season. If you’re headed to a new apartment, it’s important to make sure that you’re well-prepared so you don’t get overwhelmed by the entire process. If you’re not sure where to start in the process, we’ve got a few great tips to make sure you know what to do before your apartment move. 

Before Your Apartment Move

Before you conduct your actual move, you’ll want to kick off your planning process by giving notice to your current landlord if you haven’t already. On top of terminating your lease and letting them know that you’re not looking to resign, make sure you know what you’ll need to do to get your full deposit back. 

Take another look at your lease and make sure you’re apprised of the process required by your landlord, property management company, or building to get your full deposit, and to make sure you leave your apartment looking the way it did when you moved in. If they have a move-out checklist, it can help to go by the book for that. Make sure to also communicate when and where to return your keys. 

Always communicate with your landlord and keep them in the loop as you schedule your movers and the process of moving out in general. Your building might have a policy in place regarding parking, moving large items in and out of hallways or staircases, or just policies in place to keep the noise down and make sure things aren’t clogged up for your neighbors. 

Once you’ve talked to your own landlord, make sure to get all of the information you’ll need to have a smooth moving process from your new landlord. See when you’ll get the keys to your new place, and coordinate where your moving truck should be located. Just like you did with your old building, see if there are any rules in place for moving things in and out of the building, or if there are time constraints or limitations in place. 

Ask about move-on checklists, or any processes, like using freight elevators or certain staircases so that you’re well-prepared come move-in day. 

Check Rental Insurance

If your landlord doesn’t include renter’s insurance in your lease, make sure you get your own policy. Though we’d all hope that nothing will go wrong and that all will be smooth sailing, some things happen, and having a renter’s insurance policy is great to keep yourself and your items safe and to give yourself some peace of mind. 

Set Up Utilities & Change Your Address

Make sure you’ve switched over your name from your previous apartment’s utilities to your new apartment’s utilities, and that you’ve changed your address with the postal service and have had your mail forwarded. Notify your bank, credit cards, job, instance, medical offices, and more to make sure you don’t miss anything you should be receiving from them. 

Hire Your Movers

Now that you’ve prepared for your move, it’s time to hire the right professional movers for your process. Hollander Storage & Moving Co. is the best moving company for you and your needs, whether moving into or out of an apartment. We’ll provide you with the best prices and service for your move.  


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