How to Prepare for an Office Move

With office setups constantly evolving and working setups constantly changing, more offices than ever have been switching things up, changing buildings, or moving to better fit a hybrid employee layout. Though many office-related COVID restrictions have been lifted, the impact of the pandemic on the modern workplace have been significant, and many people either have a hybrid office schedule these days, or just work from home permanently. This has meant big changes for many office layouts and even has led to the closure of a lot of traditional setups. If an office move is in your future, read on.

If you’re looking to move your office and start off fresh in a new building or downsize to adapt to new hybrid working setups, it’s important to have the right checklist on your side to make sure you’re covering your bases for your corporate move. To learn what you’ll need to do to plan your move successfully, keep reading below. 

2022 Office Moving Plan: Before You Move

Either directly before or when you’ve just decided to relocate your office to another location, there are a few things to take care of to set yourself up for success. If you’re just considering your move at this point, review your current lease and see if you’re responsible for damage done during your stay or during the moving process so you can prepare properly for cleaning and spackling to clean up your former space from years of occupation. If you’re trying to get out of your lease, review your contract to see if there’s a penalty for breaking it early or if you forfeit your deposit by doing so. 

If you’ve definitely decided to make your move, take the following steps to properly prepare:

  • Get quotes from multiple movers. Always make sure to shop around with professional movers to get the right services for the right prices. Moving an office can be very complicated and pricey, so make sure you have an experienced and well-priced team on your side. 
  • Set a budget. Set a budget and run it by any higher ups who may need to approve it. This will let you lock in your movers and set you up for success for your move. 
  • Notify your building/landlord. Once you’ve decided to move, give your landlord and building as much notice as possible. It might be a stipulation in your lease that you might have to give 30-60 days’ notice prior to moving out, so make sure you know this before you take this step. 
  • Lock in your movers. Once you’ve given your landlord notice and have set a budget, it’s time to lock in your movers! Hollander Storage & Moving Co. will give you the best services at the best prices. 
  • Start planning with your team. Once you have your movers and your moving date locked in, it’s time to actually tackle the packing process yourself. If you’re using full-service movers, you’ll want to take advantage of their professional packing services, but this will still take planning on your part. Communicate internally with your employees and team to make a checklist and determine how each individual involved will be impacted. Assign responsibilities to your team if need be.
  • Notify clients/partners. Let your affiliates know of your move, and if any of your timelines or open projects will be impacted by the transition. 
  • Make a plan for move-in. Create not only a plan for moving out, but one for moving into your new space as well. Things like wifi and phone installations will need to be handled ahead of time, so make sure you’ve appropriately scheduled this. 

Now that you’ve begun preparing for your move, make sure you’re putting the right plan in place for your relocation, and that you’re using the right movers for the job. Hollander Storage & Moving will provide you with the best professional office moving services in the industry!


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