What to Look for in City Movers

Looking to move throughout your existing city, or looking to move into the city from your current home on the outskirts? Even when conducting a local city move, you need the right movers on your side to navigate safely relocating your things through busy city streets, tight hallways, and up tiny staircases. To keep your spirits up and stress levels down, make sure you’re working with the right city movers who will make your move an easy process. 


But what are some perks to hiring movers who specialize in city moves? Let’s go over all of the benefits you’ll receive from experienced city movers. 


Why Hire City Movers?

Whether you’re looking to move into Chicago or around the city, having the right professional movers with you who are familiar with the area and how the city works can make the difference between a nightmare move and a dream one. If you’re using movers not familiar with moving things around small apartments or stairways, nevermind high-rise buildings, and elevators, you’ll run the risk of damaging your items, experiencing hardship in trying to help your movers find or arrange to park, and could also inconvenience other residents in the process. 


When you use Hollander Storage & Moving, you’ll reap the benefits of using movers who know Chicago like the backs of our hands for a quick and easy moving process. Additionally, if you’re moving into the city from near or far, having movers already in the know about your new city will make your entire move to the area that much easier. 


But what are some other perks to having city movers for your relocation? Let’s get into it!

  • Familiarity with the Area

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest benefits of using city movers is their existing familiarity with your area. When you’re using movers and drivers already confident in your route and the layout of your city, it’ll make everything easier to navigate and anticipate. From tiny side streets to weird parking situations, having the right city movers conducting your move will allow all of you to be properly prepared. 

  • Experiencing Navigating Apartment Buildings

If you use movers that are traditionally more familiar with suburban moving situations and don’t specialize in city moving, both them and you will have trouble navigating not only the city itself but also the tight twist and turns and layout of your apartment building. From elevators to tight staircases, and the style of building itself, you need movers on your side who anticipate the extra variables involved in moving into and out of city apartment buildings. 

  • Having the Proper Equipment 

As you might infer, moving to the city requires a different set of (proverbial and literal) tools than rural or suburban moves do. Just as it’s important to have movers familiar with your city on your side, you’ll also want them to have the equipment required to navigate your building or city home, plus anything that will aid in keeping your items safe as they take them downstairs in your walkup or your building’s freight elevators. 


Having movers on your side who specialize in city moves is all about having the right experience and equipment to get your things where they need to go safely and securely. Make sure you do the right research to make sure your movers are familiar with your city and your type of building. Plus, always make sure you’re receiving the right services at the right prices. What’s the best way to do this? By using Hollander Storage & Moving for all of your Chicago moving needs. As local Chicago movers, we’ll always have your back for all things city moving. 


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