Common Moving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Common Moving Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Planning for a move can be a lengthy and complicated process for anyone, but especially for those who don’t have experience in relocating or in looking for movers. If you’re a first-timer or someone who is maybe using professional movers for the first time after previously moving by yourself in the past, where are some common moving pitfalls you’ll want to avoid making to have the best moving experience possible, and to avoid possibly get scammed or overcharged for your moving packages. 


Biggest Moving Mistakes

First thing’s first: before we get into the most common moving mistakes, let’s discuss the importance of having the right moving company on your side for your transition. Whether embarking on a local or long-distance move, you need the right local moving company on your side to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and are receiving the best service and overall experience possible. 


The best professional movers for you are Hollander Storage & Moving Co. We’re the best local Chicago moving company that will give you the best rates and who will take pains to ensure your items are safe and securely delivered within an extremely quick and efficient timeframe. 


Now that you know the best moving company for you, let’s discuss how to avoid the most common moving mistakes. 

  • Not Doing Your Research

Though this can apply to a number of things involved with your move, here we’re specifically talking about not researching your movers. If you’re using Hollander Storage & Moving Co., of course, you’ll be good to go, but there are a lot of moving scams or just moving companies out there that don’t have your best interests in mind. Thoroughly research your movers and check their licenses with the Department of Transportation and their reputation on the Better Business Bureau. 

  • Overspending on Packing

Try to source cheap or reused packing materials to save on your move. You’ll often be able to find free boxes and other materials from local stores, friends, and family, or even through Facebook Marketplace.

  • Using the Wrong Size Boxes

If you’re moving a lot of heavy items, never pack them in large boxes. You might think this would make it easier by having things in the same place, but you could wind up with ungainly boxes or a back injury if you’re not careful. 

  • Not Measuring

Always measure the rooms, doorways, and hallways of both your current and new home to ensure that furniture can fit through without any issue, or to see what needs to get disassembled. 

  • Not Labeling Your Boxes

This is an easy one to avoid, but you’d be surprised how many people completely forget to label their moving boxes when it comes down to it. To stay organized, never forget to label your boxes!

  • Packing Explosive, Flammable, or Corrosive Items

Not only is it illegal to move items that are flammable or corrosive, but you’ll be putting yourself and your movers in danger if you do. 

  • Losing Your Moving Contract

Never lose the moving contract you’ll have with your company, also known as a bill of lading. Odds are your company will also email you a copy, but always keep it safe in case of issues later on. 

  • Not Taking Taxes Into Account

If you qualify for certain move-related tax deductions, you could save a lot of money on your relocation. Look up the guidelines to see if you have tax-deductible aspects of your move to claim. 

  • Not Being Respectful

Always treat your moving crew with the same respect they treat you with! Remember, they’re working hard so you can have an easy moving experience – try to have water or refreshments ready for them on moving day, and always be kind. 

  • Not Changing Your Address

Don’t forget to have your mail forwarded and your address changed through the US Postal System, as well as for your billing and shipping addresses on your bank, credit cards, and frequently used institutions. 


Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when moving, you’ll be set up for relocation success! Plus, use Hollander Storage & Moving Co. to make your move an even more successful one. Happy moving!


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