How to Pack for Summer Move

When it comes to summer moving, there are several things to take into account so that you have the most stress-free packing and moving experience possible. When preparing for moving in the summer, you’ll need to prepare as far as the right packing techniques to use, the right process to use so you don’t get overtired in the summer heat on moving day. 

Summer Packing Tips

Packing for a summer move can be a little more tricky than packing for a move in the cooler months. From worrying about electronics that are sensitive to the heat to trying to physically move your things without worrying about getting overheated, packing for moving in the summer can be a really hard thing to balance. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to moving in the summer is safety. In many areas, it can be very dangerously hot, and this can lead to unsafe conditions and a lot of inconveniences. 

Start Packing Early

When it comes to both the packing process and the moving process, you’re going to want to start as early as possible. You should start decluttering and organizing your things as soon as you’ve decided to make your move. 

Get rid of what you don’t need or use, and organize your things for your packing process. Start packing the nonessentials and decor items first, and take things room by room. Make sure to label everything to keep you on the right track, and to guard against accidentally putting fragile items in places they shouldn’t be. 

Packing in this way will also let you move faster and more efficiently on the day of. On top of this, you should also kick your moving day off as early as possible to avoid the summer heat and hot sun. If you’re using professional movers like Hollander Storage & Moving Co., you’ll want to schedule us as early as possible for the safety and convenience of our crews. We’ll probably ask you to start early as well!

Make a Plan

Keeping a plan of action for both packing and moving is the best way to make your process as efficient as possible, and to keep you and your professional movers safe. Plus, it will make things so much easier to pack things up and get them good to go for your moving crew. 

Make a timeline of what you’d like to get packed up and when so you’re not left packing last minute, and to keep your organized. Additionally, make a moving inventory so that you know where your items are and what you’ve packed, and to make sure that everything is on the truck and good to go. This will also help you to unpack and ensure that everything is where it should be once your movers deliver your items. This will also let your movers (or you!) work efficiently and quickly to move your items quickly amidst the summer heat. 

When packing your items for a summer move, you need to make sure you’re packing efficiently and in a smart and rational manner to make sure that your items are organized and ready to go. This will also ensure that you and your movers can work quickly and get your move done the right way before the summer sun gets the best of any of you. The best moving crew to have by your side for your summer move? Hollander Storage & Moving, of course! Browse our moving packages and learn more about what we’ve got to offer for your moving experience today. 


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