How to Prepare for a Local Move

Whether you’ve moved before or not, tackling a local move can be a stressful and confusing process that will leave you overwhelmed if you leave it to the last minute. That’s why it’s so important to have the local move preparation done well in advance, so you have what you need to be done and can tackle your move without unneeded stress or last-minute scrambling.

So how do you make sure you’re going about your small move planning the right way? How do you even start planning in the first place? Let’s go over all things local moves and how to make sure they go smoothly. Plus, enjoy our small move checklist so you can make sure you’re doing everything that needs to be done. 

Local Moving Tips

First things first – the best thing you can do when preparing for any move, never mind a local one, is to start as early as possible. Preparing for a move is very stressful, but getting things taken care of as soon as possible will let you take a load off and ensure that you’re getting things done without the stress involved in trying to do everything right before moving day. 

So how early is early? Time flies when you’re packing and gearing up for a big move, so we mean it when we say to start as early as possible. Starting as soon as you learn of your move, even a couple of months in advance can let you truly be ready and not even stressed out on the day of your move. After all, you’ll have been preparing for a while!

Besides just starting on your move early, what else can you do to prepare for your move as strategically as possible? Learn how to take on a local move easily with our local move checklist. 

Local Move Checklist

Before you even start the moving process or check things off your list, you should book your moving company as soon as possible. Especially if you’re moving during peak season, locking down your movers and moving date as soon as possible will save you a lot of headaches and even having to change your schedule or date later on. After booking your professional moving company for your local move, you can start working on checking items off your list. 

  • Outline & Plan

Figure out what needs to be done from start to finish during your move, from packing to the transportation itself. This will also let you monitor your progress and keep track and how much left you to have to do, and in what amount of time. 

  • Get Your Home Ready

If you’re able to visit your home and start preparing it ahead of your move, do so! From activating or changing over utilities, to just planning out rooms and cleaning, prepping your new home for your arrival will save you a lot of hassle later. 

  • Get Packing Supplies

If you’re packing yourself, get your materials from friends, family, local businesses, or for free on sites like the Facebook marketplace. This will let you pack for less! Strategize what will go where, and make sure your boxes are strong and a good size to fit your items. 

  • Take it Room by Room

Once you’ve gotten your supplies together, start packing room by room. Sectioning out your packing will let you take things slow while getting more done and keeping things organized. 

Now that you’ve gotten started in the process of planning your local move, make sure you’ve got the right local movers on your side to bring your items to their destination safely. Use Hollander Storage & Moving Co. as your professional local moving company and reap the benefits of our professional and efficient service. 


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