5 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers 

Getting ready for a big move is an exciting process, but carrying out the moving process itself is often less so. Not to mention, packing can leave you tired, stressed, and leave you feeling more disorganized than when you started if you don’t tackle the process in the right manner.

From long-distance moving to local moving, coordinating your next relocation can cause you a lot of stress and hassle – not to mention that moving can be super time-consuming and be super arduous physically once it’s time to move all that heavy furniture.

So how do you keep up your pep and excitement about your move, while keeping the process smooth, straightforward, and hassle-free? The best way to keep your moving process easy is by hiring professional movers. Having a professional team of packing and moving experts by your side for your move lets you take a load off while we coordinate, plan, and carry everything out. Looking for more reasons why you should hire a professional moving company? We’re glad you asked!

Why Hire Professional Movers?

When researching professional or DIY moving options, you might get overwhelmed by all of your options, and may not be sure which type of mover is right for you and your family. Hiring professionals lets you sit back and focus on transitioning to your new home, instead of being stressed out, exhausted, and in need of a moving break!

1. Save Time & Effort

The biggest perk of working with professional movers for your next relocation is how much time and effort you’ll save by…not doing anything. Hiring expert moving professionals lets you sit back and relax while your items are packed and moved efficiently and safely by a seasoned crew of movers.

Not to mention, being able to have a professional load and organize your items in a moving truck lets you know that your things are going to be loaded and moved efficiently and safely. You’ll also be able to take a load off by getting to take a load off on moving day while your professional moving company takes care of everything you would otherwise have to do yourself.

2. Save Money

The first thing that might come to mind when you think of professional movers is the cost involved with hiring professionals for the job. However, when you work with professional movers like Hollander Storage & Moving Co., you’ll receive customized moving options and packages outfitted to suit your individual needs – no matter what they might be.

This ensures that you’ll never overpay for services you don’t need, and you’ll save money on packing materials and renting your moving truck.

3. Ease of Mind

As we’ve alluded to before, one of the biggest perks to using a professional moving service for your next relocation is the lack of effort on your part and the ease of mind that will let you take on your move with so much less stress than you would have to deal with in the event of moving on your own!

Having pros on your side means you can relax knowing your things are taken care of, and that you don’t have to take on all of these stressors yourself. Plus, when you don’t have to do the physical moving involved in the process, you’ll have more time to finely tune the coordination of your move.

4. Physicality

The crews that work with professional moving companies are highly trained to know how to handle large boxes and heavy furniture so no damage is caused to the items, and so that they don’t hurt themselves in the process.

Physically speaking, moving is extremely tough on the body, even besides the mental aspects of the task! Don’t hurt yourself by trying to move – leave that up to the professionals.

5. Efficiency

Especially if you’re moving with children or pets, trying to load and use a moving truck to move yourself can end up costing you more time and money than you would when using professional movers.

By using professional services, you’re letting yourself take a hands-off approach that lets your items arrive quickly, efficiently, and safely so you can focus on setting up your new home as efficiently as possible.

Now that you know why having a professional moving company on your side is just the thing to let you take on a move with confidence, the right aspect you’ll need to take care of in your moving process is to book an affordable moving company.

How to Book a Professional Moving Company?

Try to do this as early as possible, especially during peak moving season. Having the right professional moving company booked as early as possible will let you not only have the moving date you want but will let you have the ease of mind you need during such a relocation process both large and small.

When looking for the right moving company, make sure to shop around and get quotes from as many professional movers as possible. Having multiple quotes will let you get the best value, best prices, and best service, and will allow you to find a company that works for you. Having the best movers at the best prices is integral to having the best possible moving process, and shopping around will let you find the best company and avoid moving scams.

If you’re looking for the best professional moving company, you want the best in service, value, price, and overall quality of the company. If you’re not working with a company that operates with integrity, you won’t have the best experience! This is especially important if you’re looking for full-service movers or ones with specific specialty services or experience in moving certain items. Look for movers familiar with your area, with the type of move you’re about to embark on, and who have a lot of experience in the relocation industry.

When it comes to choosing the right professional movers, Hollander Storage & Moving Co. are just the movers you’ve been looking for. Use our services today to make your local, long-distance, or international moving experience an easy one


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