Your Long-Distance Moving Checklist

Your Long-Distance Moving Checklist

When you’re preparing for long-distance moving, preparing and planning is everything. Getting ready for a successful long-distance move is key to you receiving only the best experience possible, and in making sure that your items are well taken care of. 

After many decades in the industry, we know that pulling off a successful long-distance move isn’t easy. This process requires a lot of planning ahead of time and a lot of preparation to pay the right attention to all of the moving parts involved in the process. 

Before you dive headfirst into your long-distance move preparation, you’ll want to first book your long-distance moving company. Having the right movers on your side is imperative to making sure that your items arrive quickly and safely, and that you receive only the highest level of service possible.


Which Long Distance Movers are Right for Me? 

When researching long-distance moving companies, you need a company that caters to all of your needs and to the quick and efficient delivery of your items. So which long-distance movers are the best? 

From full service, long-distance residential moving services, to long-distance commercial moving,  Hollander Storage & Moving Co. is proud to provide our customers with only the highest level of service and specialty long-distance moving services. 

Hollander Storage & Moving Co. is exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to long-distance movers. 

Our expert team of friendly professionals will provide you with the highest attention to detail when taking on your move and a positive experience. For full-service professional movers at the right price, Hollander Storage & Moving Co. is exactly what you’re looking for. 


Tips for Moving Long-Distance

To properly prepare for your long-distance move, follow our complete tips to get you set up for success. 

  • Moving Yourself vs. Moving Professionally

Determine whether you want to move on your own or to move with the help of professional long-distance movers. Keep in mind, though it has a higher cost, having professionals on your side will save you a lot of stress and effort during your relocation. 

  • Booking Your Moving Company 

Try to book your moving company at least one month in advance, and ideally 2-3 months ahead of time during peak moving season. 

  • Set Aside Large or Specialty Items

Inform your moving company about any items that will need extra attention during the relocation, like pianos, pool tables, etc. 

  • Use Up Perishable Items

Use up all of your perishable items and the food that will otherwise expire or need to be thrown out before moving day. Don’t be needlessly wasteful!

  • Get Your Kids & Pets Ready

Talk to your kids and try to ready your pets as much as possible before moving day. 

  • Declutter Your items

Organize items you don’t need, want, or use into categories according to whether you want to donate, give away, sell, or throw them away. 

  • Pack Items You’ll Bring With You

While you wait for your items to arrive, you’re going to want to have day-to-day items and important documents packed separately to bring with you directly. 

  • Begin Packing

Once you’ve decluttered and figured out what you want with you, start packing! Take things room by room and do it gradually so as not to overwhelm yourself. 

  • Transfer Utilities

Don’t forget to call your utility companies and have your utilities transferred or shut off prior to your move. 

  • Prepare for Moving Day

All that’s left is to prepare yourself for moving day! Get your items, children, and pets together and get ready for a positive and efficient moving day. 


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