How to Move Sustainably in 2022

When you’re looking to tackle a move in 2022, there are many things you can do to make sure you pack and move smartly, while also keeping the environment in mind. From decluttering, to packing, to the moving itself, we’ve got all the tips you need to move sustainably.

Sustainable Packing Ideas

When getting ready for a move, you’ll first want to work on decluttering your home. If you’re looking into how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, there’s never a better time to hit reset and start fresh. However, when you’re clearing out your home before you relocate, make sure to try to throw out as little as possible. Instead, donate, sell, or give away the items you’re not going to use. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to eliminate unnecessary items without throwing them into a landfill, consider investing in Hollander Moving & Storage Co. storage services. Especially if you have larger furniture, investing in storage is a great way to clear your home out, while giving you the freedom to have time to decide whether or not these large pieces of furniture have more of a use. 

Besides storage, try to give away as much as you can to family, friends, or to donate unneeded items to those who could use them. If you’d like some extra money to put into your move or new home, you can also try to sell items you don’t need but are in great condition. 

Sustainable Moving Ideas

Once you’ve packed up all of your items, it’s time to hit the road! Just as is the deal with packing, there are also a ton of ways to make your actual relocation process more sustainable as well. 

Unfortunately, moves are inevitably going to go with at least a bit of waste, no matter how hard to try to be low waste or as sustainable as possible. However, any effort toward sustainability counts! Let’s figure out how you can have the most low waste move possible.

Use Smart Movers

On top of using movers that have the best prices, finding movers that will truly customize your move to fit your needs can make a big difference when it comes to sustainability. At Hollander, we offer tailored moving packages that make sure that you’re receiving exactly what you need, without unnecessary services to overly large truck sizes. 

On top of this, planning out routes to be as efficient and gas-saving as possible can also help to ease your move’s impact on the environment. For many people, though using a large moving truck is unavoidable, having efficient movers who will relocate your items quickly and efficiently can help you and the environment.

Reuse Moving Supplies

A good strategy to make your relocation more sustainable is to reuse your packing and moving supplies as much as possible, and to use recycled materials throughout your process. If you’re in need of boxes or other supplies, try to source them from family or friends, or ask local stores to see if they have extra boxes from shipments to use that would otherwise be thrown away. 

From there, make sure to reuse or keep boxes after your move for reuse around the house or for storage. 

Reuse Packing Materials

As we’ve said prior, using reused or recycled packing materials can make a big difference in your moves’ environmental footprint. Bubble wrap is often not recyclable, so make sure to pay attention to the labeling on the brands you choose to use. 

Additionally, use more environmentally friendly packing materials like packing paper. You can also pack your things by using blankets, sheets, and other household items that can go beyond their normal functions.

Whether you’re looking to move, pack or invest in sustainable storage, use Hollander Moving & Storage for all of your sustainable moving needs. We’ll do our best to provide you with the relocation services that are not only best for you, but ones that make the smallest environmental impact. 


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