Moving to Los Angeles from Chicago? Best Neighborhoods for Transplants

As the Chicago winter begins to bear down upon us, a lot of people who might be a little sick of the cold weather might be looking to move house to a warmer climate before the snow really starts falling. 

If you’re looking to relocate to Los Angeles from Chicago, it can be hard to know where to start to find the neighborhood that’s most suited to you and your style of living. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford to look for a second home in LA to live during the winter as a break from Chicago, it can be even harder to know what you’re looking for. 

Do you want something similar to what you’re used to? Something completely different? No matter what you’re looking for, Los Angeles certainly has somewhere where Chicagoans will feel at home. 

Best LA Neighborhoods for Chicagoans

West Hollywood

If you’re looking for an area of LA that’s extremely walkable, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and that boasts a ton of amazing restaurants, bars, and nightlife, look no further than West Hollywood. 

Los Feliz

If you’re looking for a little change of pace from the Chicago lifestyle you’re used to, check out the hillside community of Los Feliz. This eclectic area boasts a ton of access to outdoor activities like hiking and jogging trails, and is home to the beautiful Griffith Park and its iconic observatory. 

Downtown LA

Downtown LA is in the midst of a renaissance, and there’s never been a better time to move to the area. DTLA brings the Chicago, city feel you’re used to with its walkable areas, and its big city-feel with a bunch of unique sub neighborhoods. 

DTLA also offers a ton of amazing cultural centers, restaurants, and nightlife to keep you busy while your Chicago friends shovel snow back home!


This area of the city is known for its cultural uniqueness and diversity, as well as its nostalgic feel and beautiful area hotspots. This area is also famous for its amazing food and round the clock nightlife. 

Silver Lake

If you want to take a little more relaxed approach to LA-living, check out Silver Lake. This more casual, hipster-style community is full of vegan restaurants and cafes, coffee shops, and amazing walking trails surrounding the iconic Silver Lake Reservoir. 

Venice Beach

When you think of Venice Beach, you probably think of its iconic boardwalk and access to beautiful surfing and swimming spots. It is a beachside neighborhood, after all!

Check out the Venice Beach Historic District for a taste of movie-like waterways, pedestrian areas, and beautiful beachside cottages. This neighborhood has amazing food and great restaurants and shops, along with, of course, it’s beautiful beach!

No matter what your reason for wanting to leave Chicago is, you know it’ll always be your home! Even if you’re not a fan of snow, or just want a change of scenery, nothing is quite like this city. For all of your moving needs, check out Hollander Storage & Moving Co. Though we’ll be sad to see you leave, we’ll make sure your moving process from Chicago to LA is smooth and efficient. 


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