How to Pack Your Candles When Moving

Packing is by far the most dreaded task that comes with the moving process. From having to organize and label your boxes to make sure everything is secure and safe, to figuring out what is even going where, packing can be extremely tedious and stressful. 

Additionally, a lot of items require special packing to make sure they don’t break or get damaged during your move, which can take up even more time and be even more frustrating to deal with. 

So what kind of items are we specifically talking about here? Well, for one, candles. We accumulate them so easily, but when it comes to a move, they can be easily forgotten until the last minute. Then, you’re left with a bunch of glass that you need to protect and move very carefully. Plus, you have to take extra care to make sure they don’t melt when travelling – especially if you’re traveling long distances!

Packing Delicate Items

Candles may seem like a weird thing to worry about in the midst of your busy moving process, but because so many of us have a lot of them, they can become a real concern. Additionally, packing candles is very much like packing other glass items, and can give you a head start on packing delicate items in general. 

Candles can hold a lot of monetary value, as well as sentimental value to people. They’re also a really big part of household ambiance for people, and make a big difference in making a house feel like a home. 

Unfortunately, moving candles is a delicate practice that requires a lot of care. So how do you pack and keep them safe?

How to Pack Candles

  • Purchase high-quality, heavier packing paper and bubble wrap. Also make sure to grab packing tape and strong boxes to put your candles in.
  • Wrap each candle individually, no matter how small.
  • Pack them in boxes. Don’t let them be loose in random boxes once individually wrapped, either. Set up a box, and layer with paper. Place them in, and layer candles over top of rows of packing paper if you have a lot of them. Don’t overpack your box – it’ll be heavy. 
  • Seal securely. Make sure your box is taped up tightly and securely to make sure it won’t break or give out under the weight of all those candles!
  • Keep them separate. Take your candles in your car with you, instead of allowing them to be thrown into the moving truck, where there’s a higher chance of breakage. 

Candles can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and need to be treated with the utmost care during a move in order to make sure they reach their destination safely and smoothly. No matter how far you’re taking them, pack them securely and keep them separated from other items to keep them safe. 

As if packing candles wasn’t stressful enough, packing other fragile items can be even tougher. To make sure your things are packed and moved with the utmost care, check out Hollander Storage & Moving Co’s professional packing and moving services.


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