Being prepared is the cornerstone to a successful move. The more you prepare and plan ahead, the smoother and less stressful your move will be. We compiled a moving checklist for your convenience, in case there are any preparation ideas that you didn’t come to yourself. If you can, give yourself roughly two months in advance of your move.


8 Weeks Before Move

  • Get multiple moving estimates and determine which moving company you are going to hire
  • Participate in a move survey – either in person or a virtual one in which you disclose all of the belongings that will be moved. Do not forget anything or it will be tacked on at the end
  • Select your desired moving date
  • Book your move

7 Weeks

  • Start preparing for your moving budget and costs
  • Begin saving boxes and other supplies that you may need for the packing process
  • Sort your belongings and donate or get rid of anything that you do not wish to take with you

6 Weeks

  • Notify utility providers and post office of your upcoming relocation
  • Collect medical records or any other important documentation that you may need to transfer
  • Enroll your children in their new school

5 Weeks

  • Make an effort to eat and use perishable food items
  • Use up utilitarian cleaners and gas, oil, etc.
  • Make arrangements for moving pets and plants, as many moving companies will not move house plants

4 Weeks

  • Check-in with your moving company to confirm moving plans
  • Get your car checked out to prepare for a moving trip and/or auto transport
  • Pack lesser-used areas of the home such as the basement, garage, and attic

3 Weeks

  • Make and confirm any necessary travel plans such as booking plane tickets and hotels along your route
  • Clean rugs and draperies to prepare them for moving truck and new home
  • Get rid of any flammables, including paint, and drain fuel from the power mower
  • Pack lesser-used rooms, leaving out essential items

2 Weeks

  • Continue packing your home, being careful to properly label packed boxes
  • Create a floor plan chart of your new home so that movers will know where to put your furniture and belongings
  • Tie up any other loose ends such as returning library books, borrowed items from friends, and giving unwanted items away

1 Week

  • Pack remaining rooms in your home, leaving out essential items
  • Get rid or donate any food or perishables that will not be used before moving day
  • Pack an essential bag for your trip that will not go on the moving truck. Separate any family heirlooms or important documents such as passports to keep on your person.


If you have followed everything on this moving checklist, you should be in very good shape come moving day. You can sit back, relax, and get excited to arrive at your new home. For all of your moving and storage needs contact Hollander Storage & Moving.


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