Chicago Movers Ask: Is it Safe to Move During COVID?

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting most areas of business for several months now. While infection rates appear to be slowing and many parts of the country are opening back up, it has started to feel almost as though we have gone back to normal. But moving forward begs the question over and over: is this safe? At Hollander Storage & Moving we know that the safety and health of our employees and customers comes first. That’s why we are Chicago movers who are committed to creating the safest moving circumstances.

Here are a few ways in which we are creating a safe environment for our team and customers:

  • Limiting in-person contact: we have implemented virtual estimate technology to curve any unnecessary in-home contact. You can get a moving estimate from the comfort of your home without needing a representative to come in-person.
  • Social distancing: our professional moving teams are working hard to maintain social distancing on the job
  • Proper hand-washing: our employees are equipped with hand sanitizer, but will gladly wash their hands as much as possible with the permission of the resident of the home at the moving job.
  • Sanitization: our teams have sanitation wipes and will use them when deemed necessary.

What You Can Do

Everyone plays an important role in containing the spread of COVID. If you have a move coming up, you can help with this by avoiding unnecessary close contact in the outside world, sanitizing your home, and making sure that you stay healthy. If you or anyone in your home falls ill close to moving day, please contact us to reschedule. While it is impossible to guarantee a perfectly healthy environment, at Hollander we are committed to taking a strong approach to dealing with this virus. We are Chicago movers who care about our customers.


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