10 Tips for a Safe Move During Coronavirus

Moving companies are considered essential businesses and many are still in operation during COVID-19 restrictions. If you are planning a move over the next weeks or months, you should consider taking extra safety precautions to avoid putting you, your family, or your professional moving company at risk. Here are 10 tips for a safe move during the pandemic crisis.

  1. Be selective with your moving company – choose a moving company that is taking serious safety precautions. Call ahead of time and chat with a representative to hear their action plan.
  2. Ask about a virtual moving quote – many companies have adopted virtual technology to assess and provide a moving estimate.
  3. Talk to your movers about their rescheduling policy – if anyone in your household should fall ill close to your moving date, you will want peace of mind knowing that you can reschedule.
  4. Be thorough with cleaning & disinfecting – clean as you go while packing. Make sure to sanitize all surfaces and boxes.
  5. On moving day, greet with a smile – avoid handshakes or any other form of close contact.
  6. Practice social distancing – remain 6 feet away from anyone on the moving team.
  7. Wash your hands – set up a sanitized hand-washing station so that movers can have access to soap and hot water throughout the move process.
  8. Avoid touching your face – wear a mask if it helps, you may also request ahead of time that your movers wear masks on the job.
  9. Disinfect your new home – before unpacking any of your belongings, do a thorough clean of your new place.
  10. Be kind – the pandemic situation has put everybody a little on edge. Moving day will be smoother if everyone works together to keep each other safe with a smile.

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